Novel :saya sebenarnya isteri dia

Good afternoon, lunch hour update!

The 2nd novel bought after 10 years of the first novel bought in 2003.

I am not a novel die hard fan but i dont know , maybe this time i was just in love with the characters played by the artist. I manage to finished with a little of distruption from my 2 yrs old niece who is afraid of a lizard.

Kesudahannya cerita saya sebenarnya isteri dia.jeng jeng...i am not having so patience to wait for another 2 episode of the drama, so i bought the novel at Pustaka Rakyat.

Kesudahannya,must be happy ending maaa..

1. .Firash/chad/acad and syaf/qira ended up together again and blessed with twins. .
2. rania was caught by the police because of the close proximity case
3. raimy went to oversea and embrassed for what he had done
4. datuk fakhrul divorces his second wife and come back to datin farizah
5.qimy couple with sarah/fara

but before that, they must face all the obstacles in their relationship, a lot of misses here an there., gaduh2, rindu2..make firash put aside his ego and childish behaviour in order to win back syaf's heart.

Thumbs up for everyone , the actors, actress and the novelist, zura asyfar..keep it up

Any kesinambungan tak, sebenarnya saya isteri dia 2 ke.

End with love and take care,


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