What Sunday means to you?
A lazy Sunday? , a relaxing Sunday, whatever it is , Sunday has comes.For me Sunday is a family quality time. I prefer to stay at home when Sunday comes , yup because Monday means working, chill and relax at home.
Sunday for me also is housekeeping day, sweeping, mopping, sprinkling, wiping include all the ing verb. Wow, i m tired but for sure i will smiling back when see the house is shining bright like a diamond and all clothes smells good and folded .
Sunday also means , time for arranging all the books in the book racks and guest what? My all times favourites books. For example, the small book of big stuff which i bought during the last, Big Bad Wolf books exhibition, the novels, and the grammar books which bring so much memories for me as i used the books with our english teacher Madam Lena Khaw and the best thing was my office paid for our English class fee and taught during lunch hour. Thanks to my previous boss.

Again...happy Sunday everbody, do whatever you want to do as long as you are happy with it and keep in faith and believing.

End with love and take care,


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